Welcome to Prince Takamiy! An English fansite for the talented musician, Toshihiko Takamizawa.

Takamiy & Tomomi Nishimoto ~White Day Special~, March 11-12 at Osaka Festival Hall!

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I started this fan site in attempt to spread awareness of the amazing music of Toshihiko Takamizawa and his band, THE ALFEE, to people outside of Japan and Asia. Although this talented band has been around for such a long time, many people overseas don't know about them. There were virtually no English translations of his/their music or interviews, so it became my personal mission to bring those who love the music and the man insight into his songs and into him.
*NOTE: I am a LITERAL translator, I am not localizing, as I have no lyrical writing talent. Do you? Please feel free to submit! You will be credited accordingly. 


The KanLeKeeZ!

THE ALFEE have created a new unit, The KanLeKeeZ, a play on the Japanese word "kanreki" which means 60 years old. They wear matching uniforms and have a more GS sound.

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