This page is for fans outside of Japan to show their appreciation by displaying things such as art or other ALFEE-themed works.

To submit: Send a high-quality image of your fan work to along with your name, age, where you are from, and a message about your feelings or thoughts towards THE ALFEE, or about your work. I do not accept fan fiction. 

The following artwork was submitted by Annet from RussiaAnnet writes: 

A lot of great things happened since I discovered THE ALFEE. Much time has passed since then and it is possible to endlessly list what they brought into my life, but the first-rate is that with strength of will and spirit on their not easy path they make me follow my own dreams, even the wildest ones.

To me one of the happenings was drawing. The lyrics and music, once powerful or tender, impressed me so much that in case to pour out my heart I started to draw and paint again after a long time. Sure I couldn't not to be amazed with their personalities so it almost became some kind of tradition to draw their portraits on birthdays. It takes many hours every time, but I enjoy every second of this process, because all of them are fully drawn with Alfee and Takamiy music playing on the background. 

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This painting was submitted by Kei from Western Europe. Kei writes: 

In my picture I've painted, I put a lot of very personal feelings and thoughts in it. First I wanted to name my picture "guardian angel" but after I've seen the finished sketch I changed the name to "lonely angel" and while the process of finishing the picture I felt that it was the very right decision. The feelings and thoughts I put in my work are about my wishes, my hopes, my dreams but as well also about how I feel and how I felt while painting the picture. 

The very first time I heard from Takamizawa Toshihiko-san was when I'd read a fanfiction and I got curious who he is. So I started researches and for sure I found out very soon who he is and who are THE ALFEE. The first song I heard from THE ALFEE was El Dorado and it touched me in an indescribable way. Then I listened to Takamizawa-san's solo works and the first song I heard there was Desire Red Rose and I was amazed by the way Takamiy-san is playing the guitar and up from this moment I felt myself something close to that great music. And it was not only the music. 

I also started to make some research, who are the members. Who are this persons. That was when I found your site ( It's hard to describe from me, specially because I'm not good with words but there is something special on Takamiy-san that made myself feeling close to him. He got my idol on guitar and I admire him for the way he is. The statement I've read on your site made Takamiy-san more sympathetic to me than he already was. He really seems to be that kind of guy who stays who he is, not matter what and that impressed me but also made me feeling close to him, 'cause that's also the way I am. THE ALFEE are all three of them being so wonderful natural and that's what is making them really human. There are so many musicians who are just [stuck up] but Takamizawa-san, Sakazaki-san and Sakurai-san are not making the impression on me, that they are so and that's what I really like. 

The picture I've painted is for a vernissage [art exhibition preview] on May 8th and I admit, 'cause I'll be there as a representative, that I'm excited. Our art group decided that our theme for this vernissage would be "Angels". The vernissage is under the motto "Art of disabled people". Works by physically and mentally impaired people are exhibited there. Last week my picture left our rooms for going to the exhibition.