Battle Starship Alfee Liner Notes Talk Session

Translated by K.N. & A.K.

Track1. Opening

Sakazaki (hereafter called K): Hello, everyone. How’s it going? I’m Kounosuke Sakazaki.

Sakurai (hereafter called M): I’m Masaru Sakurai.

Takamizawa (hereafter called T): I’m Toshihiko Takamizawa.

K: Thank you very much for purchasing our new album “Battle Starship Alfee”!

M&T: Thank you very much!

K: This CD is a bonus for the first press limited edition type C CD “Battle Starship Alfee”.

T: Oh my god.

K: What? What happened?

T: Do you need to buy the first press limited edition type C to listen to the bonus CD?

M: Yes.

K: All the people who are listening to this talk bought it, so they can listen to this, right?

M: That’s right.

T: Oh my god. Does that mean people who bought type A or B can’t listen to this?

M: So, they have to buy type C too… right?

K: So, people who bought only type A or B…

T: are not listening to this.

M: Right. And this,

K: It is a special talk.

M: Don’t we need to call everyone?

T: Oh yeah. Let’s call!

M: Hahaha!

K: Let’s call your friends, everyone!

T: OK. So this is our new original album. Three and a half years have passed since we released our previous album “Sanmi-Ittai (The Trinity)”.

K: Yes. Time flies!

M: Wow, it’s already been three and a half years since the last album?

K: Time went by so fast for us.

M: It’s already been so long.

K: Yeah, yeah.

T: But it felt like the time passed by in a blink of an eye, didn’t it?

K: I agree. You are spending time in daydream, aren’t you? Or without thinking of anything?

M: No. I haven’t spent time in daydream.

K: Oh! You haven’t been in daydream!

T: Hahaha!

M:I’m seriously working.

K: Yes, you are doing your job. But you are in daydream. 

T: Yes. Sometimes you are absent-minded while you are working.

M: On another planet.

K: And the frequency has increased.

M: Yes. I’m daydreaming…

T: Hahaha! And also, this year is Shu-nen, or a memorial year for The Alfee.

K: Does it mean a bad memory?

T: No, not that one. (Note: Japanese “Shu-nen” has two meanings. One is a memorial year, and the other is being obsessed with a bad memory, or implacable.)

K: Then, what?

T: Memorial, memorial, memorial! This year is our 45-year debut anniversary.

K: Oh, now I understand.

M: Yes.

T: So, we can say that this album is a memorial album of our 45th anniversary.

K: Do we say it in English, like 45th anniversary?

T: Shouldn’t we say it in Japanese?

K: Recently, people have said “something anniversary” or “cAnniversamy”. (Note: It’s a pun between Anniversary and Canibasami, or claws of a crab, and also the title of a CD by George Tokoro, which Sakazaki-san joined as a guitarist.)

T: Not cAnniversamy, but anniversary.

K: OK, for now, it’s OK to say “45th anniversary” in English, because everyone says so.

T: Yes.

M: Yes.

T: OK.

K: Well, what kind of topics would you like to talk about, Mr. Sakurai?

M: Of course, I’d like to talk about that, you know, that!

K: What? What is “that”, Mr. Sakurai?

M: You know what I mean by “that”, don’t you? It has already been 45 years since we had our debut, and we have spent more time together than that.

T: But you often use “this” or “that”, even for a person’s name.

K: Yes, yes. You often say “Pass that to me”, “What’s that?” “Who’s that?” and so on…

T: Exactly. We don’t know who you mean.

M: Oh, is it only me?

T: Yes.

M: Really? Am I too young for a person to use “that” for everything?

T: Too young.

M: In general, do people over 70 use “that”?

K&T: Hahaha!

M: Is 60 years old too young?

T: Young! (laughs)

K: Young, right? When Sakurai says “that”, it means either “baseball” or “alcohol”.

M: That’s correct!

T: Hey, we don’t talk about those things in this CD. The listeners bought the limited edition type C CD to listen to our talk.

K&M: Yes.

T: This is a special talk for them.

K: Exactly.

T: In this special CD, the three of us are going to talk about each of the songs in this album. So, this is a Liner Notes Talk Session!

K: Wooooooow!

M: Oh, Liner Notes…

T: Hey, please stop saying “Wooooow!” in an unnatural manner.

K: Wooooow, if these are the liner notes, that means we have to explain each song one by one, right?

T: Right. Can you explain them?

K: Hihihi…

T: Hahaha…

M: No, I haven’t listened to the songs properly yet.

K: People who are listening to our talk have already had the album.

T: Yes.

M: But now…

K: But as of now, when we are talking this…

M: Yeah.

K: We haven’t listened to them properly yet.

T: Hahaha.

T: Even though you haven’t got a full picture of the album yet, you can have a vague image of it, right?

K: What kinds of songs are they?

T: You should know that because you recorded them!

M: Oh yeah.

K: I know them. I know songs that I recorded, but even though I hear their titles, I don’t know which song is which.

M: Yeah, right. I agree with you.

T: Yeah… Put your heart into your words, Mr. Sakurai.

M: Of course! I put, have put my heart into songs.

K: You should put your heart into each song, of course!

M: When I pour out my heart, the bubbles come up to the top, and then I drink it down in one gulp! The first glass is really good… Ah…

K: That’s right! Good!

T: That is beer, beer! You know, that is beer!

K: Mr. Sakurai, you are on fire today!

M: Yes!

T: No, you are not.

K: Are you on a roll? Mr. Sakurai?

T: Come on. Let’s start!

K: Why not?

T: Liner notes talk session!