THE ALFEE Neo Universe 2013
Grateful Birth II 
Tokyo Budoukan, December 23-24, 2013

The live of the 23rd was predominantly similar to that of the other lives. The first song was Final Wars! which featured giant fire explosions from the stage that made me (and most of the audience) scream in surprise. They then played two songs that were played at most lives in the Spring tour, Hysteric Psychedelic and Boukenshatachi (Adventurers). This was followed by Christina, Traveling Band, and Stand Up, Baby. 

The first MC was as always begun by Sakazaki, who asked Sakurai to come out (and he came out in a bright green suit). He asked “Why were you born?” as always and Sakurai answered, “To sing on this stage.” He sang “Yogiri yo Konya mo arigatou” (Night Fog, thanks for tonight??). After a short banter (where Sakazaki did his imitations again) they asked Takamiy to come on stage, and he entered (in a red suit) to once again sing “Hoshifuru no Machikado” very intimately with Sakurai. 

When Sakazaki later asked Takamiy, “Why were you born?” he answered, “to sing while gazing at Sakurai”, haha!  

I don’t remember at which point this happened, but during one of the MCs Sakazaki asked a question, to which Takamiy responded, “Ask that Christmas tree guy,” while pointing to Sakurai. 

After this they performed Kokoro no Kagi (Key to my Heart), Ai no Kodou (Beat of Love), and GLORIOUS. Takamiy came on to talk about how long GLORIOUS was again and how there was only one other song he’d written that was also extremely long — and they performed it: GATE OF HEAVEN. It was very beautiful live, accompanied with an amazing light show. After that, they performed Ai wo Oshiminaku (Love Freely), AMERICAN DREAM, Kotetsu no Kyojin (Steel Giant), Masquerade Love, and Promised Night. 

They went off stage after this, but were soon back to perform DOWNTOWN STREET and BLUE AGE REVOLUTION. It was then that they had their usual goods promotion skit, with the horse that made all kinds of funny animal noises. During this, Takamiy was holding the TIE-UP box set to show it off to the audience, but all of the CDs slid out of the sleeve and fell onto the ground!! Sakazaki had to pick them up lol. There was also a point where Sakazaki and Sakurai kept laughing and making what sounded like butt jokes, to which Takamiy yelled, “BAKA!!!!” (Stupid!) quite loudly at them haha… 

Once the goods promotion was over, Sakurai went off stage to change and Sakazaki and Takamiy began to sing the intro to Funky Punky (another Spring tour favorite), slowly at first as they were waiting for Sakurai to join them. He came barreling back onto the stage just in time to finish the first few lines, and the music started again. They followed with FLOWER REVOLUTION and Hoshizora no Distance. 

Again they went off stage and came back for their last encore. For the MC, Takamiy asked what they would have been if they hadn’t been musicians. Sakurai answered that he’d have probably been a normal company employee or maybe a sales manager, since he had been selling the pamphlet as “Sales Manager Sakurai”, pushing its good qualities to hilarious commercial music. Sakazaki answered that he might have been a lawyer. Takamiy gave no answer this time, but he had said in the Spring tour that he might have been an English teacher.  

Their last two songs were Koibitotachi no Pavement (Lover’s Pavement) and LONG WAY TO FREEDOM, both of which were really beautiful and exciting to hear live. After the band walked off stage we continued to clap and cheer, but no encore could be attempted because the lights immediately came up and we had to leave. But there were no sad feelings, because they’d be back tomorrow~!

Christmas Eve:

The first song performed was one that I was extremely excited to hear live — See You Again. They then performed Yume Yo Isoge (Oh Dream, Hurry), A.D. 1999, Mary-Ann, STARSHIP, Kazeyoubi Kimi wo Tsurete (Windyday, Bringing You Along), and Koibito ni Naritai (I Wanna Be Your Lover). Thus began the first MC with Sakazaki talking about the live series and the 40th year anniversary. He welcomed Sakurai (that Christmas tree guy again) onto the stage. Sakazaki asked him, “Why were you born?” as at every live, to which Sakurai answered, “To sing on this stage.” He then asked him to perform, and Sakurai sang (very beautifully with lovely English I might add) Silent Night. After that, they joked around a bit and finally got us all to cheer to get Takamiy on stage. Takamiy came out in the red suit again to sing “Kimi Dake Ai Wo” for only about 15 seconds before saying he wasn’t going to sing anymore, and when Sakurai kept trying to make him he kept saying something like “It’s Christmas Eve so allow it”, lol! 

After that, they performed ANGEL, Rainbow in The Rain, and as always, GLORIOUS. The next MC was Takamiy and I’m really sorry but I don’t remember what he said!! They however did sing the doxology commonly used at my own home church (which is Presbyterian, just like Meiji Gakuin University). 

These are the English words of the common doxology, which I believe they sang, but I couldn’t hear the Japanese words:   

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him all creatures here below;

Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen” 

They then went into the main performance again, playing GATE OF HEAVEN, Ai wo Oshiminaku (Love Freely), Koi no Hono (Flame of Love), Kotetsu no Kyojin (Steel Giant), Masquerade Love, and Promised Night. 

The band went off stage then  and people began to cry for encore. Suddenly “When You Wish Upon a Star” started to play from the speakers and fake snow began to fall from above. The band eventually came back to play SWEAT & TEARS! After that, they introduced the first special guests onto the stage — Ultraman Monsters!! 

They, for some reason I didn’t catch, held the “Ultra Monster General Election Awards Ceremony”, featuring Zetton, Barutan Seijin, Gomora, and Sakurai dressed up as Ereking. Ultraman was the presenter of awards — sixth (?? lol) place went to Ereking Sakurai, third to Gomora, second to Barutan Seijin and first place to Zetton. They were given certificates, except Zetton received a large bouquet of flowers. The band then performed Final Wars! with Ultraman and the monsters moving around the stage and dancing. 

Then Funassyi came out (in a Santa outfit)… screaming. It screamed about how excited it was to be here and hugged all the members (Sakurai seemed hesitant haha), then they performed Funa Funa Funassyi, the theme song that Takamiy wrote. Funassyi ran all over the stage (somehow) and jumped around and screamed and finally the dude inside the costume got so worn out after the song that Takamiy had to push a bottle of water through the zipper in the back so he could have a drink!! You could see his arm going up inside of the suit and he then pushed it back out of the suit… it was hilarious.

After that, the band performed Futari no Silent Night (Silent Night for Two) with Funassyi just kind of standing around and dancing slowly. The audience members had big silver stars that they put on their hands so the could wave their arms and create a Christmassy scene. I assume its an old item because they weren’t for sale during the tour. There were also about fourteen guys dressed in Santa outfits that came out, splitting in half and going to the sides of the stage where they danced the whole time like half-hearted Can-can dancers. 

Once Futari no Silent Night was over and Funassyi went off stage (or stumbled off and had to be pulled by staff, rather), the band had their microphones turned off to harmonize the first part of Hoshizora no Distance. Everyone in the audience was nearly holding their breath so we could hear them perfectly. Their microphones came back on when the instrumental part of the song began — it was a really exciting performance!! Maybe it was at this point that there were loud and frightening fire explosions again, lol. 

After this they went off stage and came back for a second encore. They performed The Way, as they have at each live. Then, they played I Love You, which was accompanied by an explosion of streamers from the ceiling. 

For the third encore, Takamiy MCed again and talked about why he picked the next song for the final of Christmas Eve, which was Mou Ichido Koko Kara Hajimeyou (Once More Start from Here) — I believe it had to do with the 40th debut anniversary and the coming New Year. 

They went off stage finally with Christmas wishes to everyone. It was a really amazing live and I’m so glad I had the chance to attend!! Now I know why ALFEE’s Christmas Eve concerts are such exciting events. 

SET LIST DAY 1 (Courtesy of 

1. Final Wars!

2. Hysteric Psychedelic ∞

3. 冒険者たち


5. クリスティーナ

6. トラベリング・バンド

7. Stand Up,Baby -愛こそすべて-

MC - all three

「夜霧よ今夜も有難う」(石原裕次郎) - Sakurai

「星降る街角」(敏いとうとハッピー&ブルー) - Sakurai & Takamiy

8. 心の鍵

9. 愛の鼓動


MC - Takamiy


12. 愛を惜しみなく


14. 鋼鉄の巨人

15. Masquerade Love

16. Promised Night

Encore 1



Goods Promotion Skit



21. 星空のディスタンス

Encore 2

MC - Takamiy

22. 恋人達のペイヴメント



SET LIST DAY 2 (Courtesy of

1. See You Again

2. 夢よ急げ

3. A.D.1999

4. メリーアン

5. STARSHIP-光を求めて-

6. 風曜日、君をつれて

7. 恋人になりたい

MC - all three

Silent Night」- Sakurai 

「君だけに愛を」(ザ・タイガース)(part) - Takamiy


9. Rainbow in The Rain


MC - Takamiy

-賛美歌 頌栄539(doxology) 


12. 愛を惜しみなく

13. 恋の炎

14. 鋼鉄の巨人

15. Masquerade Love

16. Promised Night

Encore 1


Ultra Monster General Election Awards Ceremony

1st Place: Zetton

2nd Place: Barutan Seijin

3rd Place: Gomora

6th Place: Ereking (Sakurai)

Presenter: Ultraman 

18. Final Wars!(ウルトラマン、怪獣)

Funassyi Apperance

19. ふな ふな ふなっしー~ふなっしー公式テーマソング~  (Funassyi Theme Song) 

20. 聖夜 -二人のSilent Night(Funassyi)

21. 星空のディスタンス

Encore 2

MC - Takamiy

22. The Way

23. I Love You

Encore 3

MC - Takamiy

24. もう一度ここから始めよう