Takamiy Cinema Live - Melodic Metal History 2007-2012
Shinjuku Cinemart - November 9th, 2013

The Takamiy cinema live was about one and half hours in length, I guess. It was a series of his best live recordings, along with his occasional commentary and some narration by that typical dramatic voiced guy that talks in movie trailers. 

There were live performances from his tours during 2007 to 2012, including a few short clips and pictures from the ISM era and a showcase of all of the PVs he had made. Usually the movie would just show the live clip without commentary. Of course THE ALFEE was talked about often, and Takamiy’s history with the band. 

The narrator kept referring to him as ‘seishun’, if I remember correctly, or ‘boy’, that young boy with the guitar. Honestly Takamiy didn’t talk that much, but when he did, he spoke of how much music meant to him. It was really sweet, I thought. 

Anyway… go watch it or buy the DVD when it comes out!! It’s worth it!