Shin Domoto Kyoudai Viewing
Odaiba, Tokyo, February 11, 2014 

On Monday, my friend Mie won the chance to go see a view of Shin Domoto Kyoudai through Alfee Mania. She took myself and a friend of her's who is a fan of Koichi from the Kinki Kids!! We went to Fuji TV Wangan Studio in Odaiba and walked around in the freezing cold before being let inside. There were lots of people there to participate, Alfee fans, TMR fans, Johnny's fans, AKB48 fans, etc. It was really interesting to see what kind of people are fans of certain musicians, LOL! 

Unfortunately I can't say anything about the show before it comes on TV, but I guess I can say a little about it, especially the stuff that will not be on TV. Before they start filming the actual show, to check cameras and to get the audience excited, a band of three men came out to sing songs of the cast members. For example, they sang Mary-ann by THE ALFEE, but changed the lyrics to "Kuma-chan" instead of singing "Mary-ann", lol. One of the men wore sunglasses to be Sakurai-san while they performed the song. 

Before that, he'd also drawn a picture of Doraemon and tried to give it to an audience member as a memorial keepsake from being in the show's audience. Several people sort of reluctantly raised their hands, but he walked over to a girl who wasn't raising her hand and was like, "YOU'RE NOT RAISING YOUR HAND. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT, YOU KNOW YOU DO," so he gave it to her and asked her if she'd go home and hang it on her wall or something, hahaha.

When Takamiy came out, he seemed tired and honestly not too happy to be there, lol. However, he looked very nice. It was funny to see him sitting there, arms crossed, blinking like something was in his eyes, and watching him look thoroughly annoyed to have his makeup touched up. Sassy. Throughout the show he seemed to space out until someone said something funny or interesting, then he would give input and start laughing himself... however, this is true for every episode of Domoto Kyoudai, isn't it?! 

We were audience members of the episode with JuJu and Mizuki Yamamoto, aired on March 23, 2014.