Neo Universe 2013 Grateful BIRTH - NHK Hall Live - May 26th

The Sunday live on 5/26 was honestly very similar to the previous day's. The members wore the same outfits and had a similar set list. The live began in the same way, with the epic music and the members appearing behind the sliding space ship door. They played the same first two songs, It's Alright and Hysteric Psychedelic ∞, but the third song performed was Boukenshatachi, one of my favorites! Right after that, they went into Mary-Ann. It got me way more pumped up than the previous day's live. 

After the first four songs, Sakazaki did an MC, introducing the live again and talking a bit about Saturday's live. They came back together again to do three more songs, then the three of them did an MC like the one on Saturday (where they talked about the tour pamphlet). Sakurai was apparently reading a newspaper inside of the pamphlet instead of actually looking at it, and it dropped onto the floor. Takamiy had wandered over and stopped suddenly when he noticed what was on the newspaper, and he started laughed and asking Sakurai what on earth he was looking at. Apparently there was a lady on the newspaper?? I couldn't really catch it, but there was a few seconds where Sakurai was just bent over the newspaper staring down at it, hahaha. After the MC was over, he tucked the newspaper back into the pamphlet and sort of sassily walked off stage to hand it to a staff.

This was again the part where we were all asked to sit down to enjoy some slower songs. I was really really overjoyed to hear the first song -- FAITH OF LOVE. It was so beautiful live -- very dreamy, just like Moonlight Fairy had been on Saturday (which they played again). After SAVED BY THE LOVE SONG, Takamiy did an MC where he talked about the new animated movie that he's going to be in, Garasu no Kamen. After this, they played several of the same songs as Saturday, including Mou Ichido Koko Kara Hajimeyou, Shining Run, THE AGES, Kono Ai wo Sasagete and Final Wars! 

They went off the stage and the crowd immediately began to call for encore, and of course they came back and went into the song Outlaw Blues, followed by FUNKY PUNKY and Countdown 1999 (this was a really energetic song for both Takamiy and the audience). 

Like Saturday, they did the goods promotion skit where Sakurai came out on a fake horse and they did the whole doorbell sound affect Ding Dong Ditch skit. When they introduced the black tote, Takamiy once again pulled out that afro akin to Sakazaki's 80s hairstyle, huge glasses with a fake nose, but this time there was also a sticker mustache that Takamiy discovered in the bag after putting the afro on top of Sakurai's hat. So, he placed the sticker in the middle of Sakurai's forehead, so it looked like he had an awful unibrow, lol! Again, Takamiy pretended to beat up on Sakurai, who commented that Takamiy's muscular arms felt like daikon radishes. 

The band performed Zekkyou Jumping Groupie again, asking for various people to yell "GOOD GOOD GOOD!" -- this time he called for people who came from overseas, but… I couldn't understand him, so I didn't say anything. It's hard to hear yelling through a microphone, lol. After another amazing performance of Hoshizora no Distance, they left the stage so that we could yell for another encore. 

This time, they came out and performed Ohio, which was even better than Saturday's performance of The Boxer. They followed this with another MC, during which Takamiy asked for people from overseas to make themselves known. I yelled "HAI!!!" right after someone else, so, they didn't notice me… lol. Oh well. 

Again, Takamiy spoke of the lovely memories he's made with THE ALFEE, how it was fate that brought them together, and as said many times throughout other MCs, they are aiming toward a 50th year anniversary as well. With that, they performed the last song, Glorious, and went off the stage after bowing to all of us. Though the audience yelled for another encore, they sadly did not come back.

For me, Sunday's live was a lot better. I was on the second floor this time, on the right side, so I had a much clearer view of Takamiy. I felt a lot more deeply moved by the songs since I could better see their faces while they performed. Honestly during some parts of the live, I felt like I was in a dream or hallucinating or something, haha. Both days were just a surreal experience. I loved it so much, and I can't wait to see what the Osaka lives have in store!

SET LIST (Courtesy of

1. It's Alright
2. Hysteric Psychedelic ∞
3. 冒険者たち
4. メリーアン
MC - Sakazaki
5. High-Heel Resistance
7. Black Doctor~I Love You
MC - all three
9. Moonlight Fairy
MC - Takamiy
11. もう一度ここから始めよう
12. Decadence
13. Shining Run
15. この愛を捧げて
16. Final Wars!

Encore 1
17. アウトロー・ブルース
19. Count Down 1999
〜Goods Promotion Skit
20. 絶狂!ジャンピング・グルーピー
21. 星空のディスタンス

Encore 2
22. Ohio
MC - all three

23. Glorious