Snack Takamiy’s 3rd Year Anniversary
Nihon Daira Hotel, November 23, 2013

Snack Takamiy’s is a Takamiy/ALFEE-themed bar in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture. Even though I had never gotten a chance to visit (the time I tried to go, the bar’s owner was sick), I made an effort to attend the 3rd anniversary event. 

I often see Snack Takamiy’s owner (henceforth referred to as Mama) at concerts, and she’s such a sweet, friendly lady, always inviting everyone to the bar for after-concert parties. They also have karaoke parties where fans gather to sing THE ALFEE’s songs, and fun trips to Chichibu to see Sakurai’s family’s sake store. 

For the 3rd anniversary, she had planned a banquet at Nihon Daira Hotel in Shizuoka, where THE ALFEE had held the Sunrise-Sunset concert of 1987. We left from Atsugi around noon and headed towards Shizuoka in a rental car, where THE ALFEE’s CDs were played the whole time. There was lots of drinking (which is legal here, wow — not drinking and driving, but open alcohol in a vehicle is legal haha) and singing along to many ALFEE favorites. One of the men who attended brought along a whole stack of ALFEE CDs. The ride there was so much fun I almost felt a little sad when we finally reached Nihon Daira! 

Once we arrived at the hotel with its beautiful mountain and ocean scenery, we were able to walk across the hotel grounds to see the memorial plaque where the band had left their handprints in cement back in 1987. (pic below) 

The banquet began about 4pm. First, beer was poured into glasses to make a toast to Snack Takamiy’s Mama (whose birthday it also was). During the dinner, we watched the Sunrise-Sunset concert on a projector, and then a tribute video/slide show for Snack Takamiy’s bar. It included congratulatory video messages from Sakurai’s younger brother (who sang a Beatles song and kept messing up so the video featured numerous funny re-takes), and Sakazaki’s older brother, who also sang a song. There were pictures of past events and of the bar itself. 

After that, a two-girl duo called DAISY performed Mary-Ann and their own song. They were really sweet and talented girls, it was a pleasure to watch them perform and meet them.

The last event of the night was a bingo game to win various gift bags. The last person to get bingo would win one of Takamiy’s guitars. We went about 12 rounds so everyone could win at least something, until at last one of the girls in attendance took home the guitar. 

The rest of us won original Snack Takamiy’s sake, sake from Sakurai’s family’s store (aptly named “Hige” or “Beard” lol), and things from Sakazaki’s family. I won a cute cat bag with his first kanji on it (). (pics below)

After the banquet was over, we had another ALFEE sing-along back to Atsugi, where Mama opened the bar and started playing a 2012 live series DVD. She served drinks and everyone stayed (with more people joining) to begin an ALFEE karaoke party! I only stayed long enough to sign her guestbook and sing El Dorado, because I had to go catch the train to make last train home.

I met lots of really kind and interesting people and had a great time. I can’t wait to go back and spend more time at Snack Takamiy’s! Click below to view their website.