THE ALFEE Neo Universe 2013
Grateful Birth II
Tokyo International Forum Hall A, October 19, 2013


Unfortunately since I waited so long to write this, my memory of this particular live is slowly starting to fade. As much of Japanese as I can understand, if I don’t write it all they say down I’m definitely not going to remember it, haha… 

Well, that aside, I headed to Tokyo International Forum in Yuurakuchou after getting off of work. I met up with a friend and we stood around waiting for the doors to open, talking about various things. There were about 20 lovely flower bouquets from other musicians outside in the waiting area, including one from Takamina with a picture of herself in her Takamiy cosplay. It was cute.

After a while the doors finally opened and I made my way to my seat. I was first floor, row 11 on Takamiy’s side, so the view was spectacular! I was able to really see detail, which I was thankful for because the other lives I went to, I was a bit too far back and I kept forgetting that they were selling opera glasses, lol… 

Sadly, since I waited too long to write this (ha) I have forgotten most of the MC content. 

During one of the first MCs when at first it was just Sakazaki and Sakurai, Sakurai sang an old song from 1957 called “Yuurakuchou de Aimashou” (Let’s Meet in Yuurakuchou), since Yuurakuchou was the location of the live hall. After that, Takamiy joined him on stage and together they sang “Hoshi furu no Machikado” (Street Corner of Falling Stars). Apparently, Takamiy had called Sakurai last minute to see if he knew the words to both songs, and Takamiy was surprised to find out that he knew both of them quite well. It was a really funny scene!

The skit where they show off the tour goods was a lot like the spring tour, with Sakurai riding out on a stick horse. I believe he was saying he came from Texas, or somewhere in the American west. The most memorable good he showed off was the book cover with the bookmark that has a little metal weight on it. He demonstrated that in the train you could easily flip the bookmark into the book whenever you finally reached your stop. He continued to fling it up so that it landed in the book. At one point, Takamiy started laughing and pointed out that Sakurai was holding the book (that was being used to model the cover) upside down, haha. One of the other things they showed off was the ribbon hair tie, which Takamiy had been using in his hair (and promptly took off and tossed somewhere). 

During one of the final MCs, Takamiy began talking about light of love. (Which made me just start thinking about The Fifth Element). He asked Sakazaki what color his light of love was, to which he responded “pink”. Takamiy then asked Sakurai, who, laughing, answered, “shocking pink”. When Takamiy revealed his own light of love to be “pure white”, the entire audience went, “Eeeeehhhh!?” He began to laugh and said, “Fine, I get it! Pink!” 

The most exciting songs of the evening were Masquerade Love and A.D. 1999. Masquerade Love included a lot of jumping and yelling, and A.D. 1999 was accompanied by pink, blue, and green streamers exploding over the audience. I was also really happy to hear “Just Like America”, which honestly made me feel a little homesick! 

The last song played was Yoake no LANDING BAHN, which got the audience really riled up. In total, the band did two encores before wrapping it up with this song. I was sad for the live to end, but it left the audience really energetic, I think. 

Overall, it was a fantastic concert. I can’t wait for my next live in Nagoya!

SET LIST (Courtesy of

1. Final Wars!
2. AUBE ~新しい夜明け
3. 星空のディスタンス
MC - Sakazaki 
5. STARSHIP -光を求めて-
7. 閃光
MC - all three
「有楽町で逢いましょう」(フランク永井) - Sakurai 
「星降る街角」(敏いとうとハッピー&ブルー) - Sakurai and Takamiy
9. Rainbow in The Rain
MC Takamiy
12. 愛を惜しみなく
13. 恋の炎
14. 鋼鉄の巨人
15. Masquerade Love
16. Promised Night

Encore 1
17. Just Like America
Goods Promotion Skit
21. A.D.1999

Encore 2
MC Takamiy
22. The Way