DOB(誕生日): February 5 (2月5日), 1988
Locale(居住地): Oota, Tokyo (大田区)
Interests(興味): writing (物語を書く事), paleontology (古生物学), physical cosmology (現代宇宙論), astronomy 
(天文学), astrobiology (宇宙生物学),  
cryptozoology (未確認動物学)
Music(音楽): THE ALFEE, Takamiy, ippu-do (一風堂), Masami Tsuchiya (土屋昌己), Yellow Magic Orchestra, David Bowie, classic rock, 80s synth, new wave, electro/ambient/trip-hop
TV (テレビ番組): The X Files, American Horror Story, Law & Order: SVU, 新堂本兄弟 (Shin Domoto Kyoudai), Hey! Arnold,
Movies (映画): Lost in Translation, A Bronx Tale, horror movies
Books (本): Harry Potter series, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Little Altars Everywhere, The Great Gatsby, The Great Divorce, Speak, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

Top Favorite ALFEE songs: El Dorado, 明日の鐘, うつろな瞳, Flower Revolution, あなたがそばにいれば、 AD 1999

Top Favorite Takamiy songs: 逢いたくて, Vampire ~誘惑のBLOOD~, Desire Red Rose 2008

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HI! In effort to not clutter up the site, I just threw this About Me page somewhere with an inconspicuous link. Since I love to make new friends, especially friends with similar interests, I decided to make this page.

My name is Rachael. I'm 27 and from Memphis, Tennessee in the United States of America. We are famous for Elvis and barbecue.  I graduated from the University of Memphis (after a year of studying abroad at Nagoya Gakuin University) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese. For several years I worked as a bartender at a Japanese restaurant in my area, and there is where I first heard the name "Takamizawa." 

I used to like wearing this long red wig lol and one day, my boss told me, "When you wear that wig, you look like Takamizawa of THE ALFEE." Well, I had no idea who that was, so later he showed me a picture of Takamiy. I thought he was lovely, but it wasn't until several months later that I actually listened to his music hahaha. I immediately fell in love after seeing a live video of El Dorado, and the lyrics of the song inspired me to go after my dreams again. 

So, after lots of hard work and saving money, I've found myself back in Japan, living in Tokyo and teaching English. I've attended many of THE ALFEE's concerts and two of Takamiy's and loved every moment of them. They are wonderful performers and extremely talented musicians with boundless personality. My only regret is that I did not discover them sooner. 

I have also visited other places that fans would perhaps consider "pilgrimages" but its a bit dumb to call it that, lol. Such as ESP Shibuya gallery where Takamiy's guitars are on display, ALFEE MANIA headquarters, Snack Takamiy's Alfee-themed bar, Nihon Daira Hotel where the Sunrise Sunset Concert took place, and even to Fuji Wangan Studio to see a viewing of Shin Domoto Kyodai. 

If you are interested in following/friending me on any social networking site, I believe the easiest would be Twitter (). I don't have many chances to update, but its there lol.

As always, you can contact me via the site: